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The global method of Dr.

Note taking is trying to recreate the essence of the exchange. Add a comment Read more Congress Strasbourg conference "Free Improvisation and natural method" By Muriel Quoniam the 26/08/09 - 10:44 In: Gr Music and sound report Congress conference Arts> Music and sound pedagogical principles>. natural method Add a comment Read more Why I like the clowns by Catherine Chabrun on 13/10/09 - 9:02 in: Congress te ...

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Dreaming Of Kong Extreme Dog Toy

Puppies and grownup canines love toys! One other approach to use it is to fill it with peanut butter and freeze it. Your dog will enjoy chewing and licking it for hours. I have one black kong toys of these for my canine and I fill it with small training treats She likes to push the KONG around along with her nose till all of the treats are disbursed. If your canine is well skilled then tug toys are the best ...

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